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Sitting (desk, table, car, etc):

Try to keep your ears lined up with your shoulders and hips, your eyes level with the horizon, and stay facing forward as much as possible.

Adjust your space to help you keep everything lined up, like raising your computer screen.


The key: keep everything in neutral. For example… Keep a small pillow between your knees to take pressure off your back and keep your hips where they should be. Your head pillow should not push you too far away from your mattress. Try to make sure your neck isn’t being over-stretched in any direction. Consider trying a small decorative pillow to see if your neck position in bed is causing you pain the next day.

Prepare your home:

Monitor your neck while you are at stop lights–stretch gently left and right.

As best as possible, keep your body lined up in neutral. Stretch before and after a long car ride to make it more tolerable.


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