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Prepare your mind:

There is a lot of information accessible to us–the internet, the library, and other people can all give us insight on what to expect. However, no two people are alike–therefore, you cannot compare your surgery to your friend’s surgery. Ask your doctor what you can expect after surgery and if they have education materials you can have. If you know what to expect after your surgery, you will be more prepared.

Caution: for some people, gaining knowledge can reduce our stress while others can have increased stress from the fear of the anticipated. Know yourself, and act accordingly.

Prepare your body: 

Not everyone is able to prepare for surgery.

For those who can ask your doctor if you should have therapy so they can help you get stronger before your therapy. If your body is stronger and healthier, you will (generally) recover quicker.

Prepare your home:

When people return home after surgery, they sometimes realize that they need things adjusted in order to help them be independent.

Make sure you have oversized, loose clothing if you are having major surgery.

If it will be hard to get upstairs to your bedroom, consider setting up a temporary space on the first floor (like on the couch).

Make sure things are easy to reach, like putting a set of dishes on the counter, setting out a few days of clothes on a chair, and putting pre-made meals on the easiest shelf of the refrigerator.

Be sure there are safe paths throughout the main area of your home–this prevents falls, which can happen to anyone after surgery.


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