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  • Don’t sit in a clinic.
  • Don’t take off work.
  • Don’t pay for a sitter.
  • Don’t prepare for an outing.

Our therapists work with you and your child in their natural home environment, helping everyone in the home to work as a team and to maximize the child’s success in a way that is comfortable for them and convenient for you!

Standard outpatient physical therapy and occupational therapy requires clients to go to a standing clinic—we know how difficult this is for parents. That is why we developed our Pediatric Program at Outpatient Mobile Solutions. Our qualified therapists bring all the necessary tools of the clinic to your home, and provide quality outpatient therapy services covered under your insurance and without additional fees.

With the current COVID-19 risks, our therapists are taking additional measures to keep everyone safe and healthy. According to your insurance carrier, this could even mean virtual therapy sessions!

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Sensory Activities

Support your child’s sensory development, but always supervise play to make sure they are safe

Tub Time:

  • Large handled kids paintbrush (your child can pretend to paint their body or the tub walls…without a mess and in a familiar atmosphere)
  • Put a bumpy-surfaced ball in the tub to help your child become familiar with the strange texture


  • Finger painting
  • Shaving cream on a cookie sheet
  • Incorporate scents through a diffuser or add a few drops of essential oils into homemade play-dough
  • Glue stick+tissue paper pieces onto card-stock
  • Seed a pumpkin together

Gross Motor Activities:

  • Play outside together
  • Plant and care for a garden
  • Do yoga together (YouTube has channels for children’s yoga…always supervise for content appropriateness)
  • Put on age-appropriate music and have a ‘dance party’
  • Play on a jungle gym
  • Play with a pet


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