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Our occupational therapists provide home evaluations, assist with pain management, assist with stress management, and more!


Occupational Therapy helps clients who have impairments to their daily functioning. Occupational Therapists help people by compensating, adapting, and restoring their ability to do something. Occupational Therapists identify the underlying causes of the impairment and work with the client to address those underlying causes. Occupational Therapists focus on a person’s ability to perform meaningful or necessary tasks across their daily life.

Please watch the video below to watch how Occupational Therapists help their clients.


Impaired ability to care for yourself or others, Impaired functioning, Poor arm movement, Poor dexterity and coordination, Difficulty sleeping, Sensory impairments, Pain, Safety at home, Exercise routine, Daily routine to help you stay home safely, Weakness, Falls and balance, Poor posture, Equipment training, Inability to maintain your habits/roles/rituals/routines, and more!

Who can Occupational Therapy help?

Pre-operative clients, post-operative clients, bariatric clients, neurological conditions, physical conditions; children, adults, and older adults.

Our therapists work with individuals of any age and with any condition.

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