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The basics of heat

Think about how relaxed you feel when your are curled up in a blanket with a warm drink. That is basically what happens to your muscles when you use a warm compress or gentle heating pad.

BUT…heat increases blood flow to an area, which is bad if you have swelling or a new injury (like a sprained ankle) or surgery. Heat is also bad if you have an infection in an area.

When using heat, make sure you check your skin frequently. Give your skin a rest from the heat if your skin turns red. Do no fall asleep with a heating pad, as this could cause you to get burned.

The basics of ice

When your body is cold, you tighten your body–this is what happens inside your body: your tissues constrict.

This may be good when…you have swelling in an area, you have a new injury (like that sprained ankle), or you are trying to temporarily numb an area.

When using ice, make sure there is at least one layer of material between your skin and the ice. Also, be sure to check your skin frequently and never leave ice on more than 10 minutes each hour (unless prescribed otherwise by your medical professional).

Heat and ice have different benefits. This tips page should not be used as a replacement for medical advice. Discuss the use of heat and ice with your doctor to be sure you chose the best option for you.


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