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In response to the concerns of COVID-19, Outpatient Mobile Solutions would like to first extend our gratitude to all emergency health workers and police officers who are actively in harms way trying to help those in need.

We recommend that anyone showing symptoms of COVID-19 (especially a fever, cough, and difficulty breathing) contact their doctor immediately for guidance.

Outpatient Mobile Solutions will continue to be available to provide our in-home outpatient therapy services on a case-by-case basis. We are aware there is a high risk for infection, and we provide our therapists with equipment to minimize the risk to both the client and therapist. Since our services occur in the home, away from the current risk of going to standing clinics, we believe we can be a best possible option for those truly in need of our services.

Outpatient Mobile Solutions will provide updates as they occur.

Please call our office with any questions 860-497-0239