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We provide outpatient physical and occupational therapy services to residents of Connecticut and Massachusetts Worcester County. We are mobile — we bring the tools of the clinic to you! Save time and money by having us do the traveling.

Our physical therapy and occupational therapy staff bring the clinic to you. We provide the same therapy you would receive in an outpatient clinic, but we provide it in the comfort of your home.

Parent SOS – Part 1, Technology and Your Child

Join us for an hour interactive go-live event focused on helping the entire family unit in the wake of increased technology demands. This event will be the first in a series aimed at helping support the next generation, especially with the recent changes in society.

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Your success is the reason we exist, your treatment will be personalized to fulfill your needs


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Specializing in  a variety of physical therapies, we will help you reach your recovery goals

This offering is so important to over-stressed family & loved ones. Your follow up appointments for, OT/PT, just became easier and convenient!

– Cheryl

Fabulous therapists! So thoughtful, caring and thorough. With my busy schedule the evening hours are great! Especially since they come to my home!! I would also recommend them for children and teens!!

– Daryle

If you are looking for the solution to therapy this is your team. Cheerful and upbeat these therapists will help you collaborate with a custom care plan that fits your needs.

– Dory

Tanya is amazing she’s the one who diagnosed my 15 years of shoulder pain was all do two muscles in my shoulder so I highly recommend her to anyone who has any issues with muscle and mobility thank you from the bottom of my heart

– Andrea

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Stay-at-home parent: your youngest child needs to go for therapy…you go to a local outpatient clinic, but you have to pack the other 2 kids into the car along with all the things you could need for a variety of situations. By the end of the session, you are exhausted but still have to get everyone packed into the car and back home–wouldn’t it be easier to have the therapist come to you? We think so, too! Give us a call to see if we can help.

Young adult: you just finished your sport season…but you had to have surgery. Now you’re home and in pain, but somehow you have to get to an outpatient therapy clinic for your therapy. Your family and friends aren’t available to drive you to and from your 10 AM appointment and you don’t know how you’ll be able to drive, get in/out of your house, and tolerate therapy! Avoid that nightmare, and call us instead. We’ll come to you!

Active adult: you’ve been pushing it off but now that pain is too much to ignore. Your doctor prescribes you see a therapist for a month before anything else can happen. One problem…you work! You call around and no outpatient clinic can accommodate your schedule. Well, we can! We come to you at a time that is convenient for you. We’re open 7 days a week and are open 7 AM – 7 PM…but if you need even more flexibility, ask us and see if we can give you even more options.

Older adult: your arthritis is painful, and your vision is worse every day. Your doctor wants you to have therapy. Your niece takes you to lunch weekly, but she isn’t available to bring you to an outpatient clinic twice a week. You don’t want to be homebound and miss out on all your outings, but you can’t drive yourself. Let us bring the therapy clinic to you–you’ll save your energy for more important things, you won’t have to pay a taxi, and you won’t have to feel like you are burdening others. Call us so we can help you.

We're triathletes, parents, and weekend warriors, too

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